WATCH: Harris on migration talks with Mexican President


MEXICO CITY, Mexico – Vice President Kamala Harris completed her first overseas trip on Tuesday as she visited Mexico and met President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Harris tells poor and threatened people in Latin America that the United States has “the ability to give people a sense of hope” in the region so that they can improve their lives without fleeing to the United States

Lopez Obrador a key but complicated ally in the Biden administration’s efforts to curb the spike in migration at the U.S. border. López Obrador pledged in a previous virtual meeting with Harris that the United States can “count” on Mexico to help solve the problem of irregular migration.

But the Mexican president has in the past blamed President Joe Biden for increased border migration and was friends with his predecessor, President Donald Trump, despite Trump’s harsh policies on migrants.

Harris concluded his trip without apologizing for his decision not to travel to the US-Mexico border as part of his mission to combat migration to the United States

She said her meetings with leaders and others in Guatemala and Mexico were key to understanding the main reasons people leave their homes on perilous journeys to America.

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