V4 defense committees warn against mass migration from Ukraine

Defense and law enforcement committees of Visegrad Group parliaments have expressed support for an undivided NATO and European Union, Hungarian committee head Lajos Kósa says after a meeting of his counterparts V4 in Debrecen, eastern Hungary, on Friday.

The closed-door meeting, which was also attended by Slovenia as an observer, focused on strategic and long-term cooperation issues as well as topical issues such as the situation in Ukraine, Kósa said. during a press conference.

The participants issued a joint statement on the draft EU pact on migration and refugees, as well as on defense cooperation between the Visegrad countries.

In their statements, the commission heads warned that a further increase in tensions around Ukraine could trigger a wave of mass migration and create a situation similar to the Belarusian migration crisis, and called for a complex approach. It is crucial to create a migration and refugee system at European level that could “address challenges, migratory pressure at the EU’s external borders, as well as hybrid attacks that use migration as a tool”, says the press release. .

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In their statement, the signatories also called on the EU to “avoid any measures triggering migration”. Meeting participants also expressed their support for the Hungarian V4 Presidency’s efforts to strengthen cooperation “in a V4+ format” in view of common security threats and challenges, Kósa said.

Pictured is Lajos Kósa (centre-right), the head of Hungary’s Defense and Law Enforcement Committee, speaking at the meeting of the V4 Defense Committees in Debrecen. Next to him Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi (centre-left), commander of the Hungarian army, Mátyás Hegyaljai (left), deputy secretary of the Ministry of the Interior for European Union and international affairs, and Miklós Simon ( on the right), vice-president of Fidesz of the National Commission for Defense and Maintenance of Order of the Assembly. Photo presented by Zsolt Czeglédi/MTI.

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