This Week’s Best Car Deals & Reviews – March 19, 2021

Hidden car deals. Manufacturers are offering up to $ 7,000 in cash incentives to unannounced dealers this month. Even high-performance cars like the Nissan GT-R can offer a lot more savings than you might think. Full coverage “

Acura 0% APR. The luxury automaker no longer limits its very first zero percent financing deal to current owners. The deal is now available to all ILX and TLX buyers and could save thousands of clients in interest. Learn more “

Discounts for change. Manufacturers pay buyers to switch brands with discounts of up to $ 4,500. In some cases, you can even combine these incentives with 0% funding to save the most money. Learn more “

GV80 price increase. Shortly after we heard about a cheaper GV80 lease, the cost of buying a GV80 with the 3.5T engine available actually increased, with higher destination fees to start. Full story “

Nissan subprime loans. Nissan is partnering with subprime lenders to help buyers with bad credit approve a car loan. The program can also allow buyers to take advantage of discounts that they would not otherwise be able to obtain. Learn more “

All-wheel drive car deals. Even though all-wheel drive can generally make a car more expensive, invisible factors like higher residuals can potentially help make all-wheel-drive cars worth the extra cost when you choose to lease. Learn why “

Ford lease extensions. To satisfy customers, Ford is offering lease extensions of up to 18 months due to delays with vehicles ordered from the factory. This could give owners flexibility until the newer cars arrive. Full story “

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