These are the best production engines ever made

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I love when a reader poses an epic, informative commentary. Indeed, the Cummins B series of diesel engines are so durable that it is not uncommon to see them run with mind-blowing mileage.

In terms of the legendary big engines that have entered passenger vehicles, this is the Cummins B series (6BT, ISB, B6.7). These are engines that easily reach 7-digit mileage in hot applications. Even the modern CM2350b engine can have the DPF and other emission equipment exceeding 500k without a problem.

There is a massive presence of these engines in off-road applications. One of the most impressive is the GMK 7550 crane with a lifting capacity of over 1 million pounds. A larger semi-trailer motor is used to move the crane, but a 6.7 is used for lifting operations. Typically, these engines stay on WOT for hours, yet they constantly push 10,000 hours before reaching the rebuild interval.

They are also often used in fire extinguishing systems as a pump motor in buildings such as factories and in some high rise buildings. For these applications, they are often tested monthly and remain at WOT for 24 hours. When these things start up there is no warm-up time, they hit WOT in seconds with EGT often exceeding 1400-1600 degrees. These motors are generally guaranteed for 10 years.

I have seen some of the older generations of 12 6BT valves still used in irrigation systems for farms. With their lower power output, they will stay at WOT and reach 10-15,000 hours. Just change the bearings, send the injectors in to rebuild, and sometimes run the dingleberry through the bores and off you go for another 10km.

That said, it is important to remember that the 2013-2018 era CM2350b was capable of being so reliable and CARB has found, year after year, that the production of particulate emissions rivaled that of a Prius. During the 2017 model year, it was actually tested as having lower particulate emissions than newer hybrids. Certification documents are common knowledge and on the CARB website.

For an example of how the CM2350b performs in a Hot Shot app, check out PD Diesel on YouTube. He has a bunch of trucks reaching over 300,000 with factory emissions in place. He mentions all the problems he has with his trucks.

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