The Pringles production celebrates its golden anniversary in Jackson

It was 1971-72 when Jackson and Madison County celebrated their 150th anniversary.

It was also the year that Proctor & Gamble decided to buy 90 acres east of downtown Jackson.

Last weekend at Madison County’s birthday party at The Ned, a few minutes were set aside to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the plant, now owned by Kellogg’s.

Plant manager Burl Duffie was on hand for the party last week and gave some facts about the plant’s production of the unique brand of Pringle potato chips that raised eyebrows in many in attendance. listening to talk.

“If we were to line up all of the crisps produced by a production line at our factory in one hour, that line would be 46 miles long,” Duffie said. “And our factory produces over a billion cans of Pringles per year.”

Duffie featured a video highlighting the factory workers, but it also contained some comments from Jackson Mayor Scott Conger, whose grandfather Bob was the mayor when Proctor & Gamble first arrived. to Jackson.

A video is shown to recognize Kelloggs' 50th birthday, during Madison County's 200th birthday celebration on Saturday, November 13, 2021 at the Ned, in Jackson, Tenn.

“Kellogg’s is a big part of what makes Jackson what he is today,” said Scott Conger. “Before Proctor & Gamble came here, Jackson was more of a rural town.

“The city limits haven’t reached as far as they do now, and I think their coming here is the catalyst that pushed Jackson to become West Tennessee’s hub for manufacturing and retail.”

While the plant’s output, both in terms of quantity and number of diversified products, has increased over the past five decades, Jackson has grown in parallel.

“As the factory grows and demand increases, it also happens with Jackson,” Conger said. “If you look at where Jackson was before the plant was built and you see where the two are now, you see that the growth of the two really coincides with each other. “

Burl Duffie, Kelloggs Plant Manager, talks about employee passion and dedication for Kelloggs 50th anniversary recognition, at Madison County's 200th anniversary celebration on Saturday, November 13, 2021 at The Ned, in Jackson, Tenn.

Cheezits Snapped and some Graham Crackers and Zesta Crackers products are made in Jackson in addition to Pringles, while other products have rolled off their production line. Pringles was the only constant in the factory and remains the only place in North America where Pringles crisps are produced.

“The secret sauce for me at our factory in Jackson is people’s abilities,” Duffie said. “First and foremost, everyone at all levels of the building owns what goes there and what is produced there, and their pride in this work shows.”

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