The Minister of Trade and Industry launches a project to create a National Metrology Institute

The Ghanaian Standards Authority (GSA), with the support of the German government, will build a modern national metrology institute tailored to its needs in Ghana (NMI) to meet the needs of the Ghanaian people and industry.

The German government, through the German Metrology Institute (PTB), is helping the GSA through the “Fit-for – Future National Metrology Institute in Ghana” project to improve its metrology services to meet the demands of industry, the scientific community, consumers and the international community. .

The project foresees an upgrade of the country’s legal framework to bring it into line with modern trends as well as the development of services that the sector wants and that will also meet the needs of consumers.

In this sense, a project kick-off meeting was held in Accra to sensitize stakeholders and the general public on the objective and goals of the project.

The event aims to raise awareness of the importance of metrology in healthcare, industry and commerce, to publicize the metrology services offered by GSA and to gain information and feedback from key stakeholders. on industry benchmarking needs.

Mr. Alan Kyerematen, Minister of Trade and Industry, in an address at the launch of the establishment of the NMI, said Ghana recognizes that specific measures improve the productivity and competitiveness of local industries.

The country is therefore seeking to put in place an efficient and effective institutional framework for metrology to support industrialization.

It will provide a basis for attracting investment in the manufacturing sector, boosting productivity and improving consumer protection.

The minister pledged government support for the creation of the national metrology institution to protect human health and safety, protect the environment, promote industrialization and facilitate trade.

He said the Metrology Institute in Ghana will provide world-class metrology services to meet the present and future needs of industry and society.

It will also allow companies and research institutes in Ghana and the ECOWAS sub-region to access a wider range of metrology services than that available so far.

This will strengthen Ghana’s capacity to export metrological services to the ECOWAS sub-region.

He praised the German government’s support for Ghana’s industrialization program and in particular the goals of job creation and skills development in the manufacturing sector.

He said uniformity of measures, including weights and other units of measure, was critical to the successful implementation of the Free Zone Agreement protocols on trade in goods and trade in services. African Continental Exchange (AfCFTA).

Mr. Christoph Retzlaf, German Ambassador to Ghana, said the establishment of the Metrology Institute was another example of the close relationship between Germany and Ghana.

He said that Germany had decided to strengthen its cooperation with Ghana through investments and job creation, as these were important for development.

Professor Alex Dodoo, chief executive of the Ghana Standards Authority, said metrology is at the heart of Ghana’s quest to industrialize and create jobs for the young people who enter the market each year.

“To create jobs, you have to industrialize. To industrialize, you have to modernize. A key component of modernization and industrialization is metrology and its sub-disciplines, including surveying or the mathematics of measurement, ”he said.

Professor Dodoo said Ghana has everything it needs to build a stronger NMI to build on the progress and do more for Ghana.

Currently, the GSA has 11 internationally accredited laboratories in several fields, including metrology, testing laboratories; Calibration laboratories; Inspection body, certification bodies and training body.

Almost all of our entities are accredited by the German accredited service, Dakks.

However, Professor Dodo said that these capabilities as good as they are will not be enough for what should be a suitable national metrology institute in the future.

It is therefore in this regard that PTB, which has played a leading role in supporting GSA in all its quality infrastructure works, is partnering with us with the support of the German government to build a modern NMI adapted to its needs. needs.

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