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QUETTA: The Standing Senate Committee on Industry and Commerce has called for taking all possible measures to promote industry and commerce in Balochistan, saying the country can only develop if productive sectors such as industry, commerce, agriculture, animal husbandry and mining are not developed.

“The dream of economic development of the country and the province cannot be realized until these powerless sectors are developed,” said committee chairman Zeeshan Khanzada.

The standing committee, which held its meeting here on Monday, discussed various issues relating to the promotion of commerce and industry in the province. The meeting called for using all available resources to open new border crossings with Afghanistan and Iran and solve the problems facing businessmen and industrialists and said the proposals in this regard should be given priority consideration.

Members of the standing committee who attended the meeting included Manzoor Ahmed Kakar, Danesh Kumar, Fida Mohammad Khan and Kuhda Babar.

Delay in barter deal with Iran hurt trade, informed meeting says

Balochistan Chamber of Commerce President Fida Hussain Dashti, Senior Vice President Mohammad Ayub Merani, Vice President Amjad Ali Siddiqui, Customs Representative Mohammad Sadiq, Official of the State Bank of Pakistan Amjad Ali Imran, Director of FIA Tariq Khan Khilji and officials of the departments of industry and commerce also attended the meeting and suggested various proposals for the promotion of commerce and industry in the province.

Khanzada said Baluchistan’s industry and trade issues and the promotion of border and barter trade with neighboring countries were among his top priorities. Karez Qamaruddin issues would be discussed with Afghan officials.

He said there was an established procedure for trade between countries that they were to follow and that the committee would discuss with the Ministry of Trade the goods that remained stranded in Afghanistan at the Badini border crossing. He said the suggestion to create a Badini route for the crosswalk would also be considered.

Mr. Dashti said, “The borders with Afghanistan and Iran stretch for thousands of kilometers where import and export activities take place,” he said.

“The delay in implementing the barter deal with Iran and other issues have hurt trade,” he said. “Obstacles must be removed so that the inhabitants of a backward and disadvantaged province like Balochistan can become prosperous. “

He said the province would emerge from economic difficulties if an exhibition center was built there as announced, the mining sector was given industrial status, and trade with Afghanistan and Iran was facilitated.

Posted in Dawn, December 14, 2021

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