Saipem launches technology for the offshore production of green hydrogen

Italian energy services entrepreneur Saipem has launched a technological solution for the production of green hydrogen that combines various renewable energy sources, such as floating wind, floating solar and marine energy, in one system.

Called SUISO, the technology will supply, together or individually, electrolyses installed on existing offshore platforms for the production of green hydrogen. The technology enables the conversion of offshore oil and gas installations that have now reached the end of their lifecycle.

Francesco Caio, CEO of Saipem, said: “The SUISO brand is an example of Saipem’s ability to find innovative and sustainable solutions to support its customers in the energy transition. The solution is adaptable to the changing characteristics of marine sites and to different production needs. The know-how acquired in the design and execution of technologically advanced infrastructures and factories allows Saipem to cover the value chain of green hydrogen production and to be a strategic partner on the path to a net zero saving.

SUISO will find its first application in the Agnes project, the offshore energy hub that Saipem, in partnership with Qint’x, intends to build off the Adriatic coast of Ravenna.

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