Omari Hardwick says he borrowed $ 20,000 at 50 cents and paid it off the right way

50 cents lashed out at a few people for lending them money and not getting it back on time or at interest. But in a recent Instagram post he gave Omari hardwick accessories to repay it properly.

the “Power” lead stopped by “The Angie Martinez Show” earlier this week to talk about the crime series ending after its sixth season. He also discussed the fallout and prequels to come after the drama ends.

Omari Hardwick (right) said he had already borrowed money from 50 Cent (left). (Photo / Roy Rochlin Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

But at one point, Hardwick revealed that he borrowed a substantial sum of $ 50 while down.

“He loaned me a summer, like 20 G. He said, ‘I can’t get my number 1 F’d up.’ So he loaned me $ 20,000.

Hardwick then said he sat down with his wife Jennifer pfautch, and she told him to pay the rapper back with interest, not just pay him back.

“Brown people, we all have to remember that when we lend money, you cannot return the same amount of money that was loaned to you. Because that person’s money could have made money. So I made sure to return that to him with interest.

But that wasn’t the only time 50 lent Hardwick money. He did it again when the actor and his family lived on both coasts and found themselves strapped for cash.

“Then the next summer he gave me money,” the actor said. “I hadn’t come back up yet. I didn’t have my new contract. So we were living in this New York life but, you know, bi-coastal. I was trying to understand life. 50, it was like ‘I can’t increase my investment.’ “

On Wednesday night, the creator of “Candy Shop” posted an excerpt from the interview on his Instagram page and confirmed Hardwick’s story. He also sent a warning to other people who owe him money.

“This guy @omarihardwickofficial is the truth. He’s a man of his word. ‘You guys better get my money back by Monday,” Fif wrote.

Hardwick’s explanation comes after 50 people called film producer Randall Emmett in April and claimed he owed him $ 1 million, which he has since received.

The rapper also attacked the actor Jackie Long earlier this month for a $ 250,000 loan because, although Long paid it off, it did not include interest.

In addition, Fif began to Tearra Mari since a judge dismissed his case against him in January and ordered him to pay the rapper over $ 30.00 in legal fees.

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