More than 100 nations call for safe and orderly migration

Antonio Vitorino, director general of the International Organization for Migration, told a press conference ahead of the adoption that there are several areas where “an extra push” is needed to make the vision of the Global Compact a reality: “respect for human rights, access to basic services, alternatives to detention of migrants and – above all, I emphasize – saving the lives of migrants.

The statement said up to 281 million people were international migrants in 2020 globally, of which 48% were women and girls and 15% were under the age of 20. It recognized “the value and dignity of the work of all migrant workers in all sectors”. and said they have transferred more than $751 billion in remittances, which are “an essential source of support for families and communities”, to their home countries.

The 34-page pact addresses all aspects of migration – why people leave their countries of origin and how to protect, integrate and cooperate to bring them home safely. Its principles include recognizing the sovereignty of nations and reaffirming that migrants have the same human rights as all other peoples which “shall be respected, protected and fulfilled at all times”.

The pact has 23 goals “for safe, orderly and regular migration” which aim to strengthen cooperation in the management of legal migration and discourage illegal border crossings.

These include collecting data, ensuring that migrants have proof of their legal identity, promoting a faster and safer transfer of earnings for migrant workers, preventing and eradicating trafficking, l access to basic services for migrants and the use of immigration detention “only as a measure of last resort.”

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