MINREX condemns the abusive migration policy of the United States against Cuba

Havana, March 23 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX, in Spanish) on Thursday strongly condemned the abusive migration policy imposed by the United States against Cuba, which violates bilateral commitments and entails a burden for nations that serve as a way to immigrate to the United States, said Ernesto Soberón, director of the General Department of Consular Affairs of MINREX and Cuban Residents Abroad.

“Washington is working to obstruct the new visa process at accredited embassies in Havana, in order to increase the discomfort of affected Cubans,” the statement said.

MINREX said this behavior contrasts with the traditional and veiled encouragement of the Cuban migrant to use these territories to illegally reach the US border.

“It is cynical to force Cubans to travel to Guyana to process their migrant visas and, at the same time, ensure that those who intend to reach Georgetown obtain a third country transit visa; while keeping the activities of the American consulate in Havana suspended or very limited.

Mr. Soberón recalled the refusal of the United States to process in Cuba up to 20,000 annual visas already committed in bilateral agreements and the burden of the reinforced economic blockade which affects the standard of living of the Cuban people.

According to MINREX, Cuba has discussed these issues with the US government through diplomatic channels.

Moreover, Cuba is constantly in contact with the governments “whose sovereign provisions on migration it respects, but which it asks to be applied without discrimination against Cubans”.

According to Soberón, the high legal and irregular migratory flow of Cubans through the countries of the region, especially Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, also implies a burden for these nations and for their relations with the United States.

Regarding Cuba, Soberón recalled that the immigration policy of the United States has been legally supported by the Cuban Adjustment Act since the 1960s, offering each national who arrives in the United States the almost automatic possibility of adjusting their status. migration.

Since 2017, Washington has not fulfilled its obligation signed in 1994 to guarantee the legal migration to its territory of a minimum of 20,000 Cubans per year.


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