Migrants transported by bus in New York are more likely to obtain asylum

Judges in the northeastern United States grant asylum far more often than judges in Texas, according to KENS 5’s review of federal immigration data.

SAN ANTONIO – Migrants transported by bus from the border to New York are more likely to obtain permanent residence in the United States than they would if they remained in Texas, according to KENS 5 examination of federal data compiled by Syracuse University.

From October 2021 to July 2022, New York judges approved 3,926 of 4,832 asylum applications. They granted protection in 81% of cases.

During the same period, Texas’ 11 immigration courts granted asylum in 827 of 3,844 cases. Texas judges approved 22% of the applications.

Houston judges handle the bulk of Texas immigration work. So far, they have only granted asylum in 17% of cases this fiscal year.

San Antonio’s immigration bench has so far approved more asylum applications than any other court in Texas, granting asylum in 170 of 251 opportunities.

Governor Greg Abbott began sending migrants out of state in April. Texas has already transported more than 6,500 migrants to Washington, DC and New York.

Mayors in each city called the move “inhumane”, calling the practice a political stunt. It is not clear whether asylum seekers know what will happen or what to do when they get off the buses.

Some have described the trip as tiring and stressful.

Abbott argues that the federal government has not done enough to curb illegal immigration or handle an influx of asylum seekers. He says the move is designed to draw attention to the Texas border.

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