Memorandum on the Urgent Unexpected Needs of Refugees and Migrants


SUBJECT: Urgent Unexpected Refugee and Migration Needs

By the authority conferred on me as President by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, including section 2 (c) (1) of the Refugee Assistance Act 1962 and Refugees (22 USC 2601 (c) (1)) (MRAA), I hereby determine in accordance with section 2 (c) (1) of the MRAA that it is important to provide assistance under the MRAA of up to $ 100 million from the United States Refugee and Migration Emergency Fund. with the aim of meeting the urgent and unexpected needs of refugees and migrants, victims of conflict and others at risk due to the situation in Afghanistan, including applicants for special immigrant visas. This assistance may be provided on a bilateral or multilateral basis as appropriate, including through contributions to international organizations and through funding to other non-governmental organizations, governments, and United States departments and agencies.

This decision replaces Presidential Decision 2021-08 of June 11, 2021.

You are authorized and responsible to submit this decision to Congress, with the accompanying rationale, and to publish this decision in the Federal Register.


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