Marshfield Monarch releases over 100 butterflies for migration

MARSHFIELD, Wisconsin (WSAW) – The monarch’s migration season is approaching, but in Marshfield, the butterflies are beginning their journeys.

Marshfield Monarch, a family-owned monarch breeding business, started five years ago. “We love them. We have read that only one in 10 to 20 monarchs comes out of nature to become a butterfly,” said Melissa Gwiazda.

But with the help of Melissa and Jim, more monarchs can spread their wings. “Some will actually go up to 3,000 miles,” said Melissa. “They can travel from Canada to Mexico.”

And with the help of others, they can follow the butterflies. “Whoever finds them will put the numbers that are on the labels into the database,” Jim explained.

The database is called “Monarch Watch”. “It’s kind of a neat thing,” he added.

The couple’s efforts also keep the butterflies from disappearing. “It’s just one thing we could do to hopefully make a difference,” Melissa said.

They even make a difference in the life around them. “When other people come and release them, it’s really special to them,” Jim said.

“The joy that others take in, the things we can help them with just through these butterflies, it means a lot to us, it keeps us going,” Melissa added.

The couple started with an egg five years ago when it was brought to them. Melissa explained that each year since, they have continued to increase the number of monarchs they have bred. The couple are now raising 1,000. And they said they didn’t think they would stop anytime soon.

The two have also worked with Marshfield Utilities to build habitats for the butterflies.

To follow their journey to breed monarchs, click here.

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