mann: Will create job opportunities, stop trend of youth migration, says Aap’s Mann | Chandigarh News

Chandigarh: AAP Punjab Chairman and Sangrur MP Bhagwant Mann on Sunday blamed the lack of employment for young people in the state who are victims of depression and drug addiction, or else immigrated abroad, calling unemployment greatest obstacle to the development of the state.
Mann said earlier that young people used to work or start their own businesses after graduating from college and university. But today, due to lack of jobs, they are going abroad, he said, adding that it was because of incompetent governments. He said that for the overall progress of Punjab, it is very important to stop such drain of talent and energy.
Criticizing Congress, Mann said in the last election that Congress promised to give every household in Punjab a job. After the government was formed, instead of giving jobs to young unemployed college graduates, Congress started giving jobs to the children and family members of their deputies, ministers and leaders, he said.
Mann went on to say that Canada had now become Punjab due to excessive immigration. “Today there are more Punjabi MPs in Canada than in Punjab,” he said. “But everyone went there under duress. No one likes to be away from their homeland and family. Thousands of Punjab people have been forced out of Punjab due to unemployment and lack of security here. Mann promised that the AAP, if it came to power, would stop this trend of immigration to greener pastures. “We will provide many employment and business opportunities in Punjab. Employment and salary according to qualification, new opportunities for young talents for start-ups, so that they too can create jobs. Our goal is not just to provide people with employment, but also to enable them to create employment opportunities,” Mann said.
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