Lukashenko refutes claims Belarus facilitates illegal migration – world

MINSK, September 30. / TASS /. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko refuted statements by Polish leaders that the Belarusian side is facilitating the increased flow of refugees to the West in an interview with CNN on Thursday, BelTA news agency reported.

“Do you have the fact that I am pushing these people (migrants – TASS) to the border with Poland? No, and you cannot have them,” noted the Belarusian president.

The Belarusian leader also reacted strongly to the remark by CNN correspondent Matthew Chance that, according to Polish authorities, refugees are drugged and forcibly delivered at the border. “This is madness. Everything the Polish government does is madness. You say we give people drugs? Present the facts! If there are such facts, I will bear the blame. “, declared the Belarusian president. “Things have to be sorted out. Why don’t you want to sort out what is happening at the border? We are ready for this,” he noted.

Lukashenko reiterated that migrants are heading to Europe not only via Belarus, but also via other routes. “So many people die there by the hundreds. Crossing the Mediterranean Sea, thousands of people enter the EU. Exactly the same way they passed through Belarus. They are not coming to us – they are coming to you. . Because you invited them there. Why did you invite them there? “Inquired the head of state.” Why now don’t you admit people fleeing war to countries that you devastated? If they had come to Belarus and wanted to stay while we deported them to Poland or Lithuania, you would have protested. want to stay in Belarus and I kick them out, “said the Belarusian leader.

Since August, nearly 10,000 migrants have attempted to cross the Belarusian-Polish border illegally. Some 1,200 illegal migrants have been detained and accommodated in guarded centers in Poland. The Polish authorities are blaming the Belarusian leaders who, according to Warsaw, transported the migrants to Belarus and then sent them to the border with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia in order to provoke the migration crisis in Europe.

At the end of May, Lukashenko said his country served as a barrier on the path of human trafficking to neighboring countries, however, given political pressure from the West, Minsk might think twice before continuing to block the flow.

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