Hunger Policy Podcast December 2021 – ELCA Grand Canyon Synod

Saturday, December 18 was International Migrants Day, a day consecrated by the United Nations to raise awareness and draw attention to the 281 million people in the world where they move, in search of peace, stability, security and an opportunity for new life. In 2020, more than 3.6% of the world’s people were migrants.

In the United States, the latest data we have on hunger and poverty confirms what we had guessed. Hunger is increasing, poverty is increasing, and yet none are as high nationally as we thought, in large part due to unprecedented federal legislation that has widened the safety net in the United States. While this is true nationally, however, it is not the case for every community and family here in the United States or around the world. In the United States, immigrants and non-citizens have seen their incomes decline more sharply in 2020. Internationally, migrants are more vulnerable to hunger and poverty than native residents, and migrants face at unique risks when it comes to COVID-19. All of this, coupled with the large number of people forced to flee their homes around the world, makes immigration a key conversation we must have.

In this podcast, Giovana Oaxaca, ELCA Program Director for Migration Policy, joins Ryan Cumming of ELCA World Hunger to talk about the realities of migration and immigration policy. As they describe in this conversation, “immigration policy” refers not only to who is allowed to enter the United States, but also questions about who has access to public benefits, which it means to be a “no”. -citizen ”and how policy changes can impact individuals and communities. Ryan and Giovana also discuss the specific impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on immigration and immigrants to the United States and confront some of the prevailing myths about immigrants and migration.

Prefer to read the interview? Follow this link for a transcript of the conversation.

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