Hungarian and Serbian civil society backs migration against security –

Civil society organizations in Serbia and Hungary support migration, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in Budapest at a joint government session on Wednesday, adding that this was in total contradiction to the security interests of both countries.

The two countries agreed to “renew Central Europe”, he added.

“At present, it is not enough to renew Central Europe, we must also protect it, we must guarantee the security of Central Europe. The events in Afghanistan herald a huge wave of migration, on land, which could put Serbia and Hungary in a very difficult situation, ”he told reporters after the joint session.

Hungary is fully committed to Serbia’s European integration, said the Hungarian prime minister, adding that the two countries would not be protected if the other was not safe.

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić said Serbia was “in a specific position as a non-member of the EU” regarding a potential new wave of migration. “A common European policy must be put in place” on this subject, she added.

“This is not a policy of the European Union, but a common policy of Europe, because Serbia is on a transit route and migrants arrive in Serbia from EU countries, in order to travel to other EU countries, ”Brnabić said.

The Serbian Prime Minister also underlined that Serbia is already considering options in case such a common policy is not adopted and that it is happy that coordinated action is being discussed with Hungary.

Brnabić and Orban signed an agreement on cordial relations and a strategic partnership. The ministers concerned also signed seven documents on cooperation in the fields of trade, agriculture and diplomatic relations.

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