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A new film which shows the expansion of Nollywood into new grounds is ready for production and will hit the screen soon. Titled The Wiccan Girl, a horror film made by Nigerian-Canadian filmmakers will soon air on mainstream channels.

With Confidence Nwogu and Adeniyi Adewole as executive producers, The Wiccan Girl is produced and directed by Austin Odigie. While Ambrose Okundaye, Isoken Ibieorutomwen, Kc Muel Chinwuko, Massia Houri and Toka McBaror are production designers.

Speaking about the plot of the story, the producers said, “The Wiccan Girl is a story of redemption. It’s about a young college student who goes in search of her friend who is mysteriously trapped in an evil cabin, but the consequences of saving her might be too high a price to pay.

Divulging the inspiration for the production of the horror drama, they noted, “One of us, Austin Odigie noticed that there are very few black horror movies in Canada, and the near non-existence in the film industry of Nollywood, so he decided to fill that gap, he contacted other producers and with a writer on board, created the screenplay for The Wiccan Girl.

“Horror is a genre that we miss in our film community. Although this film is the first in a series of films coming from our team of producers, horror films make sense at the moment. Since the success From movies like Jordan Peeler Us and the highly anticipated Nope, we know there’s a huge audience for good black horror movies, so why not fill the void?

The producers also gave some insight into how the project came together. “We are all Nigerian and Canadian filmmakers. Once the script was created, we set to work integrating Nigerian-Canadian sensibilities into the project. We are creatives, so it was easy,” he explained.

The film is not without its challenges.
“Our main challenge was financing because this film is a very low budget production. We shot 90 percent of the film in Canada, so we had to hire great crew members and pay them what we could afford at the time. in the midst of a production boom in Ottawa. Hollywood producers were paying them double and sometimes triple what we could afford, and as a result there were very few crew members available. But as I I said earlier, we’re creative, so you get creative by teaming up,” the filmmakers said.

The cast of The Wiccan Girl includes Nollywood actors Linda Osifo, Nosa Obaseki and Nafisat Abdullahi.

According to them, “We wanted popular Nollywood actors to balance out our Canadian stars. So the choices of Linda Osifo and Nosa Obaseki as the main characters were a no-brainer and both are also Canadian which helped a lot. This production is going to be a diaspora effort.

On how The Wiccan Girl will be made available to the public, the producers clarified, “At this time we are focusing on streaming platforms for release, but cinema is also an option.”

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