Government intends to toughen and improve regulations on labor migration


The government has decided to submit a proposal to the Council for legislation on strengthening and improving the current regulations on labor migration. This is the first of several proposed amendments to the labor migration regulations. The proposal referred to the Legislative Council aims to fight against the exploitation of migrant workers, to attract and retain international expertise and to fight against the expulsion of skilled workers.

It is important to tackle the problem of the exploitation of foreign workers in the Swedish labor market. The legitimacy of labor migration can only be maintained if fraud and injustice are avoided. At the same time, labor migration to Sweden is important for business growth and development.

In order to prevent the exploitation of migrant workers, it is proposed that an employment contract be required for a work permit to be granted, and that the Swedish Migration Board can require an employer to provide information on the employment conditions of the migrant worker or risk paying a fine. In addition, it is proposed to introduce a subsistence obligation for the immigration of family members linked to foreign labor and to extend the offense of “organizing trafficking in human beings” so that it also includes permits issued on the basis of false information.

“Labor migration regulations need to be strengthened and improved. We need to tackle the problem of the exploitation of foreign workers in the Swedish labor market. The fact that people enjoy poorer working conditions with lower wages, longer working days, or a poorer working environment just because they come from another country goes against our core values. more fundamental and undermines the Swedish model, ”said Integration and Migration Minister Anders Ygeman.

In its referral to the Council on Legislation, the government also proposes to introduce a new residence permit for certain highly qualified people so that they can apply for a job or study the possibilities of setting up a business in Sweden. Measures are also proposed against the expulsion of skilled workers. For example, it will not be necessary to revoke a work permit in the event of minor deviations from the working conditions or if this appears unreasonable in the light of the circumstances.

The proposals submitted to the Legislative Council are based on the inquiry report (SOU 2021: 5) presented to the government earlier this year. Additional proposals for tighter and improved labor migration regulations are currently being released for comment and will be presented in 2022.

It is proposed that the legislative changes come into effect on June 1, 2022.

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