Google Cloud and Rackspace report shows that resisting cloud migration is not an option

Rackspace Technology announced the results of a global survey conducted with Google Cloud highlighting the rapid pace of cloud adoption.

The Future of Compute survey of more than 1,400 IT managers shows that the question is no longer whether organizations should migrate to the cloud, but how they can leverage the cloud for innovation, efficiency and growth.

Over half (51%) of all survey respondents say 100% of their applicable infrastructure now resides in the cloud, while (49%) say they plan to move more of their workloads working to the cloud when possible.

Over two-thirds of respondents’ compute workloads are now supported by public cloud, colocation, and managed hosting services. The spread of IT infrastructure has reached equilibrium and executives expect it to continue over the next three to five years.

Thirty-five percent of respondents say IT leaders play a key role in driving the business forward as the silos between functional areas continue to dissolve. Rackspace Technology says this underscores the increasingly central role technology is playing in transforming operations.

“Driven in large part by the power of the cloud, today’s technology landscape is changing at a breakneck pace as IT permeates all areas of the organization,” says Jeff DeVerter, chief technology evangelist by Rackspace Technology.

“In this environment, IT leaders have the power to help businesses and organizations see the corners to solve their short- and long-term business challenges and to provide critical guidance in the areas of business growth, safety, efficiency and customer experience. ” he says.

According to Gartner, the cloud market has grown 23% to $ 323.3 billion in the past year, and it predicts a future growth rate of 18% per year. Thus, most of the people questioned say they already benefit from the advantages of a public cloud (63%) or a private cloud (66%). Additionally, public cloud investments account for up to 40% of most IT budgets, and private clouds for 30%.

Containerized applications also continue to gain in popularity as businesses move away from on-premises data centers. The most common tactic among organizations (85%) that use the public cloud remains ‘lift and change’ using cloud-based virtual machines, but 84% of respondents say they invest in the public cloud with containers . Sixty-two percent of those surveyed say their use of containerized applications will increase over the next two years.

Rackspace Technology believes that the cloud revolution has brought an influx of advancements into the world of computing, but that the past decade of flooding is settling into a more level pool of opportunities. Over the next 12 months, survey respondents expect their infrastructure spending to include on-premises data centers (55%), managed hosting (52%), public cloud (51%) and roommate (34%). However, 60% of those surveyed also say they plan to not own a data center in the next five years.

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