Financier misused blank paper to usurp money: Kasturi Raja



Previously, a single judge had dismissed the financier’s statement in 2018 after imposing a cost of Rs 25,000. When the appeal filed by the financier’s son, Kagan Bothra, was brought before a divisional court made up of Judge N Kirubakaran and Judge PD Audikesavalau, the defense attorney for the producer stated that, although the money was returned, Bothra refused to Peel off the blank paper with your signature.

Later, he used it to make the false claim of Rs 65 lakh and wrote in the newspaper that if he did not return the money, his son Dhanush’s father-in-law, Rajinikanth, would return it, the producer alleged, adding that this caused bad blood. in the family.

During the earlier hearing, the court wondered how Rajinikanth could be linked to a loan obtained by his father-in-law and also asked why Kasturi Raja had applied for a loan for Rs 10 lakh when his children, actor Dhanush and prominent director Selvaraghavan, were earning in millions of rupees.

To this, the lawyer argued that it was difficult to obtain cash, forcing them to apply for such loans.

After this, the bank asked the financier’s son how the producer was given the Rs 65 lakh. When informed that it was delivered in cash, the bank wondered how such a large amount was delivered when cash transactions only they were allowed up to the limit of 20,000 rupees.

When Bothra claimed that his business revolved around providing instant cash, as sought by those in the film industry, the bank sought out the financier to file his income tax returns filed during the year in which he had loaned the Rs 65 lakh, and sent the case to a further hearing. to March 4.


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