Fall of the House of Usher Adds Willa Fitzgerald to Early Production

Mike Flanagan, in less than a decade, has quickly made its mark in the horror genre on the big and small screen. Whether it’s huge, explosive sequels like Doctor Sleep or the religious centered Midnight Mass, he tops the list of the best modern horror directors. His next terrifying series for Netflix, The Fall of House Usher, is set to start production next Monday and the Oculus the director took to Twitter announce Willa Fitzgerald as the show’s newest cast member.

Fitzgerald has appeared in many popular series during her young career so far, including Gotham, Taurus, Card castle, PBS’ Little woman, and we currently see it opposite Alan Richson in the Jack Reacher series for Amazon simply titled To reach. However, this casting must amaze horror fans, was Flanagan a fan of the ephemeral Scream: The TV Series? It was arguably Fitzgerald’s most famous role and performance to date, which saw her play the role of Emma Duval. The actress was the last Sidney-type girl in this incredibly underrated series that revamped Ghostface lore into something new and fascinating and Fitzgerald was fantastic on the show. His storyline ran for 2 seasons on the show before MTV dropped that storyline entirely and took the show in a more traditional Ghostface direction for Season 3. The show was ultimately canceled shortly after.


In the tweet, Flanagan said, “I’m thrilled to announce that the fantastic WILLA FIZGERALD is joining our cast! I am so grateful to welcome her to this amazing set. The director also took the time to clarify that production on the limited series begins on Monday, January 31, which was previously thought to have already begun. Because of all of this, it’s exciting that Fitzgerald gets another chance to star in the horror genre, and she can do it with arguably the most talented horror director of our time.

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We still don’t know much about the series so far, only that it will be inspired by several works of Edgar Allen-Poe despite the title being taken specifically from one of the author’s short stories . Fitzgerald has joined an already all-star cast that includes Marc Hamil, Mary McDonnell, Carl Lumbly, Frank Langelle, Kate Siegel, Henry Thomas, Rahul Kohli, Zach Gilford, and many other recognizable faces.

This will be Flanagan’s fifth series for Netflix’s membership The Haunting of Hill House, The haunting of Bly Manor, Midnight Mass, and the next The Midnight Club. While horror fans are still trying to overcome the traumatic grandeur of Midnight Mass, it will be interesting to see what Flanagan has up his insane sleeves this time around and with a crazy cast like this, it looks like another hit for the streaming platform.

As production begins on Monday, we’re sure to get more clues/casting details on who everyone is playing and for all the latest news on The Fall of House Usher, stick with Collider.

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