EU condemns the use of migration as a tool of pressure

The European Council, in its conclusions, called on Turkey not to discriminate against Cyprus in the implementation of the 2016 agreement with the European Union to control migratory flows.

The Council denounced Belarus for its “hybrid attack” against other Member States by trying to encourage migrants to settle there, but, by condemning such practices in general, also sent an indirect signal to Turkey , who tried the same tactic in early 2020.

The last session of EU member leaders ended on Friday evening.

His conclusions on migration were as follows:

15. Following the conclusions of the European Council of 24 and 25 June 2021, and in order to prevent loss of life and reduce pressure at European borders in accordance with EU and international law, eight action plans action for countries of origin and transit were presented. The Commission and the High Representative, as well as Member States, where appropriate, should now make these plans operational and implement them without delay, in cooperation with partner countries. The European Council expects the action plans to be underpinned by concrete timetables and adequate financial support; he reiterates his request to the Commission to report to the Council on its intentions in this regard.

16. The European Council invites the Commission to urgently present proposals and mobilize funding for actions on all migration routes in line with the increased ambition of the EU, and to report regularly to the Council in this regard. The best possible use should be made of at least 10% of the NDICI financial envelope, as well as funding under other relevant instruments, for actions related to migration.

17. In accordance with its declaration of March 2021 and its conclusions of June 2021, the European Council reaffirms its hope that the funding of Syrian refugees and host communities in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and others parts of the region, including Egypt, under the relevant instruments be mobilized in a timely manner.

18. The European Council calls on Turkey to ensure the full and non-discriminatory implementation of the 2016 EU-Turkey declaration, including vis-à-vis the Republic of Cyprus.

19. The European Council will not accept any attempt by third countries to instrumentalize migrants for political ends. He condemns all hybrid attacks on the EU’s borders and will react accordingly.

20. The European Council invites the Commission to propose any necessary changes to the EU legal framework and concrete measures underpinned by adequate financial support to ensure an immediate and appropriate response in accordance with EU law and international obligations, including including fundamental rights.

21. The EU will continue to fight against the ongoing hybrid attack launched by the Belarusian regime, including by urgently adopting new restrictive measures against natural and legal persons, in accordance with its gradual approach.

22. The European Council recalls the need to ensure effective returns and the full implementation of readmission agreements and procedures, using the necessary leverage.

23. The EU remains determined to ensure effective control of its external borders.

24. Efforts must be sustained to reduce secondary movements and ensure a fair balance between responsibility and solidarity between Member States.

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