Demonstration against gas shortage

KARACHI: Industrial and commercial bodies protested gas shortages in industrial areas on Wednesday and said they would continue the campaign until gas supplies are fully restored.

Presidents and representatives of industry and trade associations such as Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and Businessmen’s Group (BMG) gathered outside the head office of Sui Southern Gas Company ( SSGC) to stage a protest against no gas or low pressure.

Protesters said the unavailability of gas in Karachi was causing losses of up to 45 billion rupees every day. They also showed their dismay at the government saying that no effort was being made to solve the problems of the city’s business and industrial community.

“Despite so many challenges on almost all fronts, Karachi continues to contribute over 68% of revenue to the national treasury, 54% to domestic exports, while 52% of textile exports also come from the city,” they said. declared.

While referring to the allocation of 211 million cubic feet per day of gas from Sindh resources to SNGPL, they demanded to restore the gas supply from Sindh to revive industrial activities in the province, especially in Karachi.

The demonstrators called on Prime Minister Imran Khan to immediately take notice of the situation and react to protect Pakistan’s commercial image globally as well as to save the investments of industrialists in the city.

They feared that the shortage or closure of gas to industries would lead to layoffs and a drop in the public treasury.

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