Biden’s efforts to stop fossil fuel production are hurting West Virginians

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WASHINGTON DC – U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito (RW.Va.) joined Fox Business Network’s Varney and Co. today to discuss the importance of energy independence and key takeaways from her recent trip to Europe from East to assess the humanitarian impact and response to the war in Ukraine.


ON BIDEN’S ANTI-AMERICAN ENERGY POLICIES: “The government is definitely hampering energy production in West Virginia, both on the coal side and the natural gas side. We can’t get a major MVP [Mountain Valley Pipeline] pipeline located and this is a major problem. And then all of the government’s efforts to shut down fossil fuel production has really, really hurt the people of West Virginia. Interestingly though, Europe wants our coal…and they know they want baseload power and that’s what we have.

AMERICANS UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: “I think the American public is definitely waking up. With the high price of gasoline, the high price of heating your home, and we’re getting ready to go back to summer, and the high cost of air conditioning. And then we see what is happening in Europe. We know that the weakness that some nations of Europe feel is due to dependence on Russia. And so we know that we can be independent of the energy, the American people know what that means. So I think even though those forces are very, very strong, the citizens of the American general public are much, much stronger than any type of political force that can be collected by environmentalists or others who want to keep everything in the ground.

ON THE SITUATION OF UKRAINIAN REFUGEES: “Well, it’s very sad to speak with a young mother of a six and eight year old child who had to leave because of the dangers, because of the sirens. She left her husband. She left her parents. She left her house and she was begging for help. And she’s moving to the UK to try to get some temporary accommodation she can live in with a friend. So it’s just unimaginable. I think the interesting thing we’ve learned is that not only have more than four million people left the country, but the remaining 14 million are internally displaced people. And I don’t know what the conditions are there. I can tell you that Poland has really progressed. They are treated with great humanity. There are plenty of meals and things for the kids to do while they wait. And it’s very, very neat. I was impressed with how they move there. But so, so sad to see these women, these children and these elderly people who can no longer go home. »

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