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Argentina returns to pre-pandemic migration requirements

Monday, April 4, 2022 – 09:39 UTC

Health insurance against COVID-19 will nevertheless be necessary

The Argentine government has decreed a return to pre-pandemic status regarding border controls. Travelers will now have the same requirements as before March 2020, Interior Minister Wado de Pedro and Migration Director Florencia Carignano announced.

The measure was taken following several complaints from land border provinces, it was reported.

More than two years after the closure of air, land and sea borders, during which only 58 out of 237 gateways remained operational, the authorities decided otherwise and told the governors of the bordering provinces of Chile, Bolivia , Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay. a virtual conference last Friday.

Those responsible for such a decision also chose to keep the Borders Health Department off the table. The organization had been accused of being “bureaucratic” and slow.

As soon as the new measures are published in the Official Journal, the pre-pandemic operating regime will be resumed and the entry points that had been closed will be gradually reopened.

Non-resident aliens must complete the affidavit at least 48 hours prior to travel and have COVID-19 health insurance, except those entering the country by land for a period of less than 24 hours .

Ukrainian nationals or people coming from this European country will also need to have COVID-19 insurance or another type of health coverage.

Argentine nationals and residents must complete the affidavit at least 48 hours before travel and with an incomplete vaccination schedule, it is advisable to take a SARS-CoV-2 test within 24 hours of entering Argentina. If a positive or suspected case of COVID 19 is detected or reported at the POE, the contingency plan for that POE will be activated.

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