A location map for Five Flushes Purple Creatures

Genshin Impact’s Five Flushes of Fortune event ends before the big one Lantern Rite Event it’s happening tomorrow, and as such, it’s time to get things done. We switched to Purple Creatures today after Red, blue, brown and yellow previous requests, and the list is… a little shorter this time for what you can shoot.

Here are the creatures I’ve found that qualify:

  • Fatui Electro Mages
  • Fatui Electro Mage Dragonflies (but only once?)
  • Electro-hilichurl archers
  • Electro Slimes (although some are yellow)
  • Fatui Electro Guards

So yes, not one tonne There are a lot of options here to choose from, but I found it best to hunt down all the mages as these were easier to locate rather than trying to randomly stumble upon archers or slimes. Here is a map that shows a number of Electro Mage locations that you can take pictures of. Again, oddly, it seems that you can only take pictures of the dragonflies they spawn once. Like once in total, not once per Mage. Also, Dragonspine Mages don’t count because they are Cryo (blue).

And four others:

This should be more than enough to get you to the number you need without having to randomly run into electro enemies.

I’ll warn you not to bother with all of this if you’ve already managed to claim eight Fortune Caches like me. Eight is the maximum for the event, so even if you get all the photos for the day and you have enough rectangle colors to hand them to the photographer, it doesn’t matter, you can’t get any additional caches. I believe this event has been structured so that you can miss a day or two and still be fine.

Tomorrow kicks off a much, much bigger event, and which is essentially what Update 1.3 is all about, beyond the story quest and mini-quests we already have. obtained. We’ll have a Xiao story quest, and then a four-part Lantern Rite event that will include four mini-events. More on that later, because there’s no need to go into all that here. For now, just make sure to complete the photo event, as it’s very rewarding if you manage to finish all the caches in time. See you tomorrow for new events that should be more interesting than this one.

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