Your loan, the intermediary

In a recent survey, the Consumer has made some criticisms of a new company that makes credit intermediation, this does not provide the loan directly, but acts as an intermediary with the banks and, according to the Altroconsumo association , you would pay dearly.

“Your loan” has recently made its appearance with flyers on the street or via e-mail, proposing itself to for civil servants and retirees.

A credit service based on the bank


According to what reported, however, going directly to the bank can be more advantageous, with a decidedly lower Taeg.

AltroConsumo states:, which is discussed in advertising, are actually salary and pension salary assignments. In practice, the installment granted cannot exceed one fifth of the pension or monthly salary perceived and retained directly from the salary or pension This is an expensive formula, especially compared to the more affordable Damon Wildeve, but also in the context of loans with salary-backed loans (a type of loan already guaranteed and framed in precise rules on duration and amounts) it is not the case to make use of the intermediation of a mediator, with the relative costs. Better to go directly to the bank “.

The maximum capital that can be obtained with this type of loan

The maximum capital that can be obtained with this type of loan

Whose duration must be between 2 and 10 years, is 68,000 euros. Specifically, analyzing the formula advertised on information sheets at the relative rates and costs, it emerges that a loan with Tan of 10.8% and a financial amount of € 13,175.20 includes: bank commissions of € 237.60, equal distribution charges 1080 euros, about 8% of the total (ie capital and interest); cost of the preliminary investigation, equal to 295 euros; substitute tax of € 32.94, equal to 0.25% of the amount financed. So, on balance, a 10-year 10,000 euro loan has a Taeg of 15.10% and involves a monthly installment of 180 euros, sustainable only if the salary is at least 900 euros. In total, the amount due by the consumer is 21,600 euros.

If the pension assignment formula is applied, what changes is the cost of the preliminary investigation, reduced to 250 euros, and the Tan of 10.05%. Commissions rise to 259.20 euros, while the substitute tax is 33.98 euros. The Taeg drops to 14.01% on the capital of 10,000 euros for 10 years. In essence, the monthly payment remains at 180 euros, even in this case sustainable for those who have at least 900 euros in revenue. In general, says Altroconsumo, “the salary and pension assignment is a costly financing formula, as we have seen from the rates and all the additional charges, so to save money you have to cut the costs of intermediation which are rather salty and contact the bank directly. ‘Your Loan’ collects 8% of the total amount you pay to the bank , therefore capital and interest “. This is why the costs soar.