Financing commercial walls with professional loans

The purchase of commercial walls has many advantages, however, it is important to choose the right investment.

Commercial Walls

Commercial Walls

Financing commercial walls with business credit can be an interesting operation for companies that want to invest. Indeed, companies can acquire commercial walls to enlarge their real estate stock but they can also become owners of the walls of the business they operate. The rent they paid may, under certain conditions, be the same amount as the monthly payments of credit and thus allow the entrepreneur to build a heritage without too much extra weight in its budget.

How to choose your commercial walls?

Different criteria must be taken into account:

  • The location of the commercial premises
  • The type of business
  • The layout of the premises
  • His price

The price of commercial walls is not calculated in the same way as for conventional real estate. The surface of the property is not taken into account but the estimated yield of the premises according to the rent perceived. Commercial walls are therefore not subject to the same fluctuations as real estate.

It is important to distinguish between buying occupied and free walls. For the occupied walls there is the presence of a real estate lease. When the walls are free, it is a tenant default.

The benefits of buying commercial walls

The benefits of buying commercial walls

Becoming a commercial property owner also means getting rid of certain charges from a classic property owner. Indeed, the property tax is often reimbursed by the tenant and the co-ownership works (with the exception of the main works) borne by the tenant. In addition, all work in the commercial space must be financed by the tenant since it is he who operates the business.

It is important to ensure before the purchase of the commercial walls that the co-ownership by-law authorizes the activity exploited by the business and to study well the commercial lease.

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